At the end of the day we are going to make mistakes, we are all going to do things we regret even to those we care about its unavoidable. But at the end what matters is how you address your failings, how you treat your family, your friends, how you forgive and how you love.

One more thing I realized is you never get the bucket list done, you just keep adding things to it, because every day there is something new to amaze us it’s how we know we are alive.

So be surprised, cherish the times you have because every day is a gift, every moment is a blessing. It’s not the thing in life that makes us happy, it’s the moments; the memories and the magic that happens when you open your life to new things, people and adventures.

Invest in making your life richer by stepping outside your comforts zone, not following the status quo and cultivating forever lasting memories by traveling and seeing new things.


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