Some might ask if you believe that after everything you have done for love, was it worth it? If you find someone you love enough to ruin your entire life for, it is always worth it.

There is a good in him/her and when you see the good in someone, you don’t give up on them especially if they don’t see it themselves. And if you are ever lucky enough to find true love, you fight for everyday.

You know that saying “No one knows what’s really going on in a relationship except the two people in it’, if you are not in it, don’t force yourself to try and understand it.

What is sacred about love is that tingle in your stomach that lets you know the one you love is in the room even before you see them. What’s sacred is that look in their eyes that you know they can only give to you. What’s sacred is whatever that spark is between people that no one, as far as I can tell, has ever been able to properly describe even though everybody from poets to scientists have tried.

The word “I love you”, doesn’t simply mean “ I like you”. It means that through you, I’ve found a new me. The words “I love you” is a pledge that you’d overcome insecurities and create new moments every day

Those words stand as a promise that you will think of this moment as everlasting, rather than worrying about the future.



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