Know Your Worth (By :- Oreoluwa Osuntuyi

                  What do you see when you look in the mirror? Do you see failure? Inadequacy? An endless struggle? Darkness? Step into the light. Change your mind set. Change how you see yourself. Change your life.
                   Stop waiting for other people’s opinions to validate you. Forget what your Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, Aunty, Uncle, Cousin or Boyfriend has said about you. Those are just opinions. God created you in his own image and yes he created you for greatness.
                    There is a strong powerful woman inside of you. She is beautiful and graceful. She is bold and fearless. She is smart and talented. She has a well of potential just waiting to be tapped into. But she is slowly being suffocated by your insecurities and fears. She is crying to be released but you’re not confident enough to let her out.
                    They say you’re not beautiful? But I ask what is the standard of beauty? Is it Angelia Jolie or Rihanna? Is it Omotola Jalade Ekeinde or Genevieve? What is in their hearts? That is real beauty. When the breasts begin to sag and the next generation of beauties come along, who will remember them? Why are we holding ourselves to ransom? Holding ourselves to a standard of beauty that is unachievable?
                    The models in the magazines are airbrushed to perfection, a lot of them starve themselves. I read a story yesterday about how they pull their teeth out to look slimmer. Are you ready for this? They say you’re poor. I have 2 questions? Does money bring you joy? How many millionaires today came from humble beginnings?
                         Its not about where you’re coming from, it’s where you’re going. Tap into your potential and you will get there. They say you’ve slept with every man in the area. But why is it okay for a man to sleep around? Don’t let these hypocrites hold you to ransom, they are not your maker. They say you’re damaged goods, I say you’re renewed in Christ. Old things have passed away and a new time has come for you.
                        Stand in the mirror and tell yourself “I AM STRONG, I AM BEAUTIFUL, I AM FRUITFUL, I AM JUSTIFIED AND REDEEMED, I AM WISE, I AM SANCTIFIED, I AM BLESSED, I AM AN AMAZING WOMAN IN CHRIST, I AM PREDESTINED FOR GREATNESS”. Do this every day, say it like you mean it and you’ll begin to know and understand your worth.


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